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As our State Representative, David Spiller works to advance and defend the conservative principles, values, and beliefs of the people of House District 68 by providing knowledgeable, experience, and accessible representation to all of his constituents. 

David strongly believes in preserving our conservative roots from woke, radical agenda while ensuring Texans remains a thriving state to live, work, and raise a family. David fights to protect and secure our border, prohibit vaccine mandates, lower taxes, protects the right to life, defends the 2nd amendment, protects religious freedom, supports rural schools and rural hospitals, defends property and water rights for Texans, and supports all law enforcement, our military and first responders. 


Securing the border has been David's number one priority since taking office. In his first session, David supported the passage of more than $3 billion to our  border - the highest amount of funding appropriated for border security at the time. During the 88th Legislature, David sponsored the Interstate Compact bill that allows Governor Abbott to contract with states to share resources and intelligence to secure our border, funded $5.1 billion to fight illegal immigration, empowered State Troopers to search and arrest illegal immigrants, and provided tougher prison sentences for drug and human traffickers.


As a firm believer in the principles of limited government and individual liberty, David believes COVID-19 vaccines should be a voluntary decision made by individuals and families - not the government or employers.


Property taxes are too high. David supports lowering taxes, including ad valorem property taxes. Taxes should be fair, limited and uniform, and not paid by only half of the population. David co-authored a bill to completely eliminate school district maintenance and operations ad valorem taxes in Texas and replace it with a consumption tax.



The sanctity of life is sacred. As a devout Christian, David will always protect and defend the unborn. David was a co-sponsor to the Heartbeat Act, which prohibits an abortion after a heartbeat is detected. In addition, David also co-authored the abortion trigger bill, which abolishes abortion upon the overturn of Roe v. Wade. David is endorsed by two prominent pro-life organizations, the Texas Alliance for Life and the LifePAC.


Our constitutional right to bear arms is critically important. As a National Rifle Association (NRA) member and Texas State Rifle Association (TSRA) member, David strongly supports the 2nd Amendment. David was a co-author to the landmark Constitutional Carry bill, legislation preventing federal overreach by making Texas a 2nd Amendment sanctuary state, and several other 2nd Amendment measures ensuring our right to bear arms was fully protected. 


Religious freedom is one of the founding principles of our country's beliefs. David has co-authored and supported legislation ensuring religious freedom, including making religious organizations and their worship activities essential business at all time, prohibiting government from closing places of worship, and a constitutional amendment prohibiting the state from limiting or prohibiting religious services.



As a former School Board Trustee for 26 years, David understands the importance of providing our rural schools with the resources they need to succeed. An investment in public education is an investment in our children and in our future workforce. That's why David supported allocating $46.5 billion to our public education system and fully committed putting money back in our classrooms. 


As General Counsel to his local hospital district for over 30 years, David understands firsthand the challenges facing rural health care and rural hospitals. This session, David was instrumental in fighting for rural health care by supporting legislation providing funding specifically to rural hospitals. 


A long time community servant, David has helped expand regional medical care, build new rural schools, and constructed a local reservoir to provide a lasting source of drinking water in his community. His knowledge and understanding of rural values has played a key role as our voice in Austin. 

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